(Chickaloon Area Transit System)


Chickaloon Village Traditional Council (CVTC) is federally and internationally recognized as a Traditional sovereign government with a nine member traditional council, the governing body, for the Tribe, Chickaloon Native Village. CVTC’s purpose is to perpetuate their ancestors’ beliefs, customs, traditions, values and steward the environment to help their citizens thrive. The Tribal government currently operates six (6) departments to serve the needs of their Tribal citizens and the surrounding communities along the Glenn Highway Corridor.

The newest addition to CVTC Transportation Department is a public transit division. The Transit Division, known as Chickaloon Area Transit system (CATs) was created in 2006 with a Planning Grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), technical assistance from Community Transportation Association of America and additional funding from the State of Alaska, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Transit Division, creating a corridor study from Palmer – Valdez.  Using New Start funds from FTA our transportation team purchased a new bus in October, 2010 and started commuter operations in January, 2011, between Chickaloon to Palmer. 

Our CATs will ensure a better quality of life for everyone in our area because owning and maintaining a vehicle is out of reach for many people.  The CATs will also enable senior citizens, local residents, and teens to be mobile enough to find and keep a job, receive education, or just ride to get “out of the house”.  CATs is excited to be able to provide public transit for everyone to help and save fuel, save wear and tear on your vehicles and the road system, and to help preserve the environment by lower fuel emissions because you are using public transit.
The Chickaloon Transportation/Transit Division office is located at 8255 N. Glenn Highway, Palmer, Alaska (Milepost 55.5 Glenn Highway).